…launched for Seedbed Preparation.

Ventrac has launched two new attachments for their 4520 all-terrain compact tractor to help turf managers with the important task of seedbed preparation. 

The first is the DC520 Soil Cultivator which prepares bare soil by cultivating a soft and uniform seedbed for the best possible direct-seeding results. This attachment reconditions hard, compacted soil into a fine surface for more successful and consistent germination rates.

The Soil Cultivator consists of four main components that work simultaneously to process high volumes of soil and provide the ultimate seedbed. Cultivator Tines pulverize the soil and separate the debris, then Separator Tines sift and bury rock and other large debris below the prep surface. The Distribution Blade carries the sifted soil and distributes it evenly across the working surface before the Perforated Roller creates a pocketed surface for seed and presses small debris below the graded soil.

Complementing the Soil Cultivator is the EG520 Primary Seeder, which plants grass seed directly into bare soil with a consistent and accurate drop rate for perfect seed placement. With precise application adjustment and a removable calibration tray, easy adjustment for different grass seed types is possible.

The Primary Seeder features five main components for improved direct-seeding capability. The Calibration Tray is a built-in tray that catches material during the calibration process. The Front Packer Roller crushes the material to provide a smooth surface for the seed to drop. The Rear Packer Roller is an offset roller that places a fine layer of dirt over the seed. 

The Seed Box has a 142-litre capacity to accommodate a significant amount of seed and the Precision Seed Funnels allow an accurate flow for a variety of turf seeds. This ground-driven application is consistent at variable speeds, and the offset cultipacker discs are designed to create optimal seed-to-soil contact. Finally, the 142-litre hopper capacity provides the efficiency expected from Ventrac attachments.

Rupert Price, managing director of Price Turfcare, the UK and Ireland distributor for Ventrac said,

“We know that Ventrac is the most versatile groundscare maintenance system available to turf professionals in the UK. These latest attachments add to the extensive range of front-mounted implements, providing yet more versatility for the owners of a Ventrac compact tractor.“